Training Studio Plans

Memberships are month to month. Autopayments and upfront packages are available options for extra value and ease of mind, but we don't do ANY subscriptions or contracts. You'll want to stay with us, but you won't have to. 

 Small Group Training Membership

Small Group Training includes two 45 minute sessions per week on designated days and times set forth for the group (ex: Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm). 2 to 3 participants meet for a focused group training session with guidance from your trainer. Participants receive access to the mobile app to view and execute two additional workouts (minitmal equipment- can be done at home or in a gym) on their own time each week. Small groups can be set up with 2 to 3 participants, but there are sometimes openings in existing groups that can be filled by an individual. 

Membership includes measurements (body fat % and circumference) for progress tracking!


Personalized workouts designed just for you and your goals for ALL days that you go to the gym, not just session days. You receive your trainer's undivided attention at each of your sessions!

Clients with a Functional-Fitness Training Membership receive 15% off of Personal Training Packages.

Personal Training packages include monthly measurements (body fat % and circumference) for progress tracking! 


All Personal Training sessions expire 6 months from purchase date. 

If you're ready to commit and get feisty and fit, contact us to check us out and select the right membership for you!

Cancellation Policy

Feisty Fox Fitness, L.L.C. has a 24 hour cancellation / rescheduling policy. If you miss, cancel, or change your personal training session with less than 24 hours notice, you will forfeit the purchase price paid. For events that cash sign-ups are allowed, less than 24 hours notice will prohibit you from being able to make future session, meeting, or class reservations without pre-paying.

Excessively canceling or no-showing (at the discretion of the trainer) for Small Group Training can forfeit your spot in the group. Since membership is monthly and sessions are at set day/times, a missed session is a missed opportunity and is not subject to reschedule or discount/refund of any kind.
This policy is in place out of respect for the studio and its clients. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are difficult to fill. By giving last minute notice or no notice at all, you prevent someone else from being able to schedule into that time slot.

Online Plans & Nutrition Counseling

Maybe you live a bit far but still want in on all this action? You're in luck, because we offer online-only personal training and nutrition counseling!   Online packages are available whether you are local or remote and are sold only in the lengths of time shown so that we may re-assess and issue you new plans as you progress!

Workout Routine Design

We'll start with an assessment of your current health condition, body composition, mindset and goals, and then I'll create a custom workout routine just for you to use at your gym or home! You'll be able to log in on any browser or check in on your mobile app to see the routine I've assembled for you with instructions and video clip demonstrations, log your work, and track your progress! I'll be able to see when you nail a workout -and when you miss one, too- and will give you feedback and tips to keep you going!

One month of exercise routine and full access to mobile tracking and trainer interactions. $50

You'll have workout assignments for as many days of the week that you plan to exercise!

Nutrition Counseling

$75 for 3 months

Nutrition is undeniably KEY to success in reaching your health and fitness goals, but a lot of people don't know how to safely and effectively FUEL their body, and that's where I come in! After assessing your current health condition, body composition, mindset and goals, I will provide a daily calorie number and a breakdown of macronutrient amounts (check out my blog to see what this is all about). You'll also receive a list of suggested foods, nutrition tips, counseling throughout the three months (including recalculating your numbers as needed) AND custom meal plans as a guide of what to eat for every meal of the day given your personal needs and include shopping lists. Many people try them out to get going, repeat them, or use them as an example to create their own meal plan. 

Competition Preparation

Have your sights set on competing in a bikini or figure competition? Choosing a great coach can go a long way in putting together your best package to bring to the stage. I offer competition preparation to include all combinations of nutrition plans, exercise routine design, personal training, and those final tips and strategies for peak week. Contact me for more information on what we can put together just for you!

In the state of Texas, sales tax is charged on all services except Personal Training and Team Style Training.