See what my clients say about me!


"I found Kelley through Groupon after moving to this area late last year. From day one, I know she was the best trainer for me. Her nutrition plans are easy to follow and it works. As for the workouts, she pushes me to the limit and I LOVE it. I've seen great results and plan to continue her workout classes for a long time to come. Add to it, her outgoing and friendly personality and you will always have fun! I can't recommend Kelley enough, whether your goal is small or big, she will help you realize it!"


"As someone who has struggled with sticking to workouts and actually going to the gym, Feisty Fox Fitness has made it extremely easy for me! Kelley is an amazing trainer/teacher and she is flexible with workouts if you have an injury. I am so glad I'm able to be a part of this fit family! The best part is that it isn't intimidating! Some exercises may seem difficult but once you do them a couple times and get the hang of it, you can easily do it on your own. Kelley is very encouraging.She won't yell in your face or tell you that you can't do it. The atmosphere is very light and accepting. Overall, I absolutely love working out here!!"

RedBrandie.jpg "My main goal with Kelley was to lose a few extra pounds, to build muscle, and to expand my  cardio health.  With Kelley I lost 4 pounds and gained 1 inch of muscle in my legs. I was concerned about trying a new trainer in a new Gym, I was not sure if she could get me to where I wanted to be. After just two sessions, I knew she was the perfect choice. Kelley was awesome at accommodating my limits with my body movements and balance issues. She went above and beyond to make sure I was doing every thing correctly to avoid injury and learn the proper movements. I didn't realize until working one on one with Kelley that I could have less strain and more results! I could call her any time with any questions or concerns.  I would recommend Kelley to anyone of any fitness level and age. If you dream it she WILL help you achieve it!"


"I owe 100% of my progress to the constant flow of professionalism and positivity from Kelley. She kept me motivated during my journey and helped me change a lifetime of bad habits to a lifestyle of healthy food choices and taught me to never give up on my workout routine. Her abundance of knowledge in fitness and nutrition is credible and most definitely trustworthy. I encourage anyone who wants to change their life for the better to meet with Kelley and experience the contagiousness of her passion!"

"I RedJulie.jpgfirst met Kelley in a gym I signed up for. My very first time ever going to one. She sat me down and did some preliminary assessments. I very much realize her knowledge and training deserve to be paid. Unfortunately, my budget was tight and flat couldn't afford a personal trainer. However, I saw her in the gym often. She never ceased to amaze me in her genuine concern and desire to help me if she wasn't with a client. If I had a question, she set everything down and actually helped me! Not many trainers will do that! She's amazing. It makes my heart happy to see that she has been able to build her fitness program and see her succeed. If anyone deserves success, its her. I never felt stupid or intimidated by her.
I cannot say enough good about her. As far as her training goes, let me tell you. Be prepped to have your butt kicked but in the most glorious way!!!"


See what my clients say about me!


"When I first started training with Kelley I was about 4 months post-back surgery. I was in the worst shape of my life, about 60 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. But more concerning I lacked the strength (especially core) that I needed to keep my back healthy. In the 7 months or so I've been training with Kelley (keeping in mind I have taken a few vacations and breaks) I've lost 40 pounds, increased my strength, improved my balance immensely, and have achieved lean toned muscle. I've come further than I ever could have imagined and there was no way I could have done it without Kelley. I feel fantastic physically and mentally. I no longer have daily back pain which is something I never thought possible. In the beginning  I was nervous to start back at the gym not only because I was worried about hurting my back but also due to the fact I didn't quite know what I was doing. Kelley's first concern was my back and she was great about showing me the proper way to lift weights and work the machines so I wouldn't compromise my back or any other part of me for that matter. Keeping my restrictions in mind, she gave me exactly the kind of work outs that pushed me to achieve the results I dreamed about. Working out with her has only made me want to push myself when I'm on my own which is something I've always had trouble with. She makes the workouts a blast and I actually look forward to my time in the gym now. I've never done well with 'Drill Sargent' type trainers, I never stuck with them. I'm not allowed to get away with much with Kelley :) I'm pushed when I need to be but she is so tuned in with me she knows my limits, which we push but we never overdo it. I've never had such a positive and helpful motivator who has truly helped me get the results I desire."


"I participated in a New Year's Challenge with Kelley, received a personal workout routine, and had Kelley help me with nutrition counseling through her 3 month package. I was thoroughly impressed by it all. I live in Washington, DC, so unfortunately I cannot actually go to the Feisty Fox Fitness gym. However, Kelley helped me prepare for a half-marathon, specifically with the nutrition counseling. The other day when I went to the gym, the workout instructor there said to me, "Wow, you have biceps, girl!" I've never had noticeably muscular arms until starting to work with Kelley. The most important lesson I have learned with Kelley is that you can't just "work out and eat healthy." There is a real methodology that can give you better results than you ever imagined. Thank you, Kelley!"


"When I first started training, I had a ton of goals in mind (many of which were unrealistic). Kelley put my goals into perspective and helped me get on track to a healthy lifestyle! Before training with her, I HATED the gym and I had terrible nutrition. She was so inspiring and encouraging during our time together that I now love going to the gym! I have gained muscle, lost fat, and attained a ton of confidence. She is a great trainer and friend!"



"I met Kelley through a best friend from college. I was very unsure when I was first given the opportunity to go workout with someone I'd never met but I went the first time and I instantly felt in place and loved it! I have seen amazing results!!!! She is AMAZING and her workouts are awesome!!! She will for sure make you feel part of the Feisty Fox Fitness family! Her dedication to all her clients is awesome!!! She is legit and the absolute best!!!!(: I for sure recommend her to anyone that is looking to get in shape and/or maybe get on a healthy meal plan!!!! And don't be afraid to sweat because her workouts are intense and setup just for you, so you can get the best out of every rep!!!"


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